Nicki Greenberg
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Shakespeare's HAMLET

Staged on the page by Nicki Greenberg


The play's the thing
Wherein I'll catch the conscience of the King!


In this sumptuous staging of Shakespeare's powerful story of doubt and revenge, we discover a world of plays within plays as the drama intensifies both on-stage and off.

Hamlet's struggle with truth, meaning, morality and action is brought to life in a riot of colour and visual acrobatics. And behind the scenes, another dark story of obsession and betrayal unfolds. The characters in Hamlet are actors - but can we ever know on which side of the stage reality lies?




"The finest thing about Shakespearean drama is that the work can be restaged for every generation, and in so many different ways. In Nicki Greenberg's version Hamlet is played by an inkblot with a crowquill in his scabbard. The settings sparkle; the interior of the castle has a decor of suspended clock parts, curious only until we realise that 'time is out of joint'.; Polonius pops in and out of a sheet of paper as he reads Hamlet's letter to Ophelia; and Ophelia walks us physically through the botanicals so we don't need opera glasses to follow the symbolism of the flowers. Greenberg's adaptation of The Great Gatsby was entirely in monochrome and it's exciting this time around to see her unpack a palette of riotous colour." - EDDIE CAMPBELL



Publishing Information

HAMLET is published in Australia and New Zealand by Allen and Unwin. For more information please visit


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